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what is a working capital loan?

Working capital facility includes both fund and non-fund based products. Fund-based working capital products include cash credit, packing credit, short-term loans payable on demand, inland/export bills discounting, export and import financing and commercial paper. Non-fund based products include letter of credit and bank guarantees. Working Capital facility is a loan for SME & Corporate to meet out the Working Capital cycle as well as day to day activity expenses for production. Cash Credit is primarily secured by way of Hypothecation of Stock of Goods – Raw Material, Work-in-progress or Semi Finished Goods, Finished Goods and Debtors and all other Current Assets of the business generated during the course of business. Cash credit can also be secured by way of offering adequate Collateral Security in the form of Immovable Properties acceptable to the bank.

Benifits and features of ROI

Prime Collateral accepted for working capital loans are Stock + Drs (Book Debts).

Banks require or ask for additional security as Commercial/Residential property.

Working Capital finance by nature for one basis with requires collateral security.

Minimum 3 years of business vintage require and 2 years in same line of business.

Bank Facilities for other than working capital are:

o Term Loan
o BG
o LC
o Bill Discounting
o Dealer Finance

Working capital Loan eligibility criteria

Sole proprietorships

Self employed Professionals


Private Limited Companies

Limited Companies